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Working at WIM on a Placement Year



I joined Walk-In Media as a Planning and Strategy Assistant on a Professional Placement year. This was a massive change to any work or studies I had previously experienced, and the idea of entering a job with minimal understanding and knowledge was very daunting. However, Walk-In Media welcomed me with open arms and ensured I was set up for success with various introductions and training sessions in my first month. This allowed me to gain a good foundation understanding of all the different teams and capabilities, and day to day tasks. I haven’t looked back since!

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What I have learnt so far

I have learnt how to use many different platforms and tools such as AdIntel and YouGov, whilst I developed a better understanding of the daily client communications and tasks that are involved in a planner’s job. I have had the opportunity to get involved with a variety of clients and pitches which has been an amazing learning experience and has helped me understand the life cycle of clients within an agency.

I have grown in confidence since working at Walk-In Media and I only have the team to thank due to their confidence in me and the ongoing support they have patiently and happily provided.


Challenges I faced and overcame

It was a totally new and alien world to enter. This was my first job in an office let alone a media agency and with the industry being such a fast-paced environment it was easy to get swept up in panic with more than a touch of imposter syndrome. However, I quickly found my feet thanks to my team being so encouraging with regular check-ins and clear instructions. I also had to challenge myself to speak to clients with confidence, again with my manager’s encouragement, it gave me faith in myself.

Another challenging aspect was the lack of knowledge around the terminology and abbreviations used. To overcome this, I was advised to create a glossary that I could refer to. To this day, I still do this and continue to add to it.


What I am looking forward to

I have really enjoyed my past six months and the learning opportunities I have had. I look forward to continuing to grow my understanding of the media industry and my confidence in the daily tasks of a planner. I never thought I would feel this but going back to university is going to be hard, I feel very settled and excited about the new world I’ve joined, and I do not relish the idea of leaving at the end of the summer.


Written by Milly Collins

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