Walk-In Media can confidently assure our clients that we are right at the heart of following and actively employing all the best industry standard practices to protect our clients in three specific areas.

These are: minimize fraudulent impressions, minimize non-brand safe placements and maximize Viewability. 

Walk-In Media use DoubleVerify ad-verification technology across all campaigns to minimize fraudulent impressions. This technology is used to provide Brand Safety verification and Viewability metrics for campaigns, the referrer data is also utilized for both placement and performance verification and is included in our quality checks.

Anti-Fraud Approach
We use MRC accredited 3rd party verification technology (DoubleVerify) that prevents ads from being served to domains that are flagged as fraudulent or that appear on any of our blacklists.

DoubleVerify will block ads from displaying that are on URLs detected inappropriately, ensuring the user cannot see the ad or click through to the landing page.

Walk-In Media identify, flag, and remove fraudulent domains, across all of our bought inventory on a weekly basis and share this information with our clients as required.

Brand Safety Approach
Walk-In Media takes practical action to minimize the risk of ad misplacement on behalf of their clients. The processes that form the basis of these activities are outlined below.

Our Media Partners
Walk-In Media partners only with TAG/BSC compliant inventory vendors and premium media owners. We monitor domains from all of our inventory partners on a weekly basis, sharing this with our partners if any are flagged as inappropriate for action to be taken at the partner end.

Walk-In Media Network Blacklist
The below listed content categories are prohibited across Walk-In Media inventory sources where adverts are served. Any sites identified across these content categories are blocked and added to a blacklist.

- Adult

Offensive Language 

Hate Speech

Illegal Downloads/Streaming


- Rating

Fake News

Client Blacklist

We adhere to specific whitelists and/or blacklists and customised contextual keyword lists developed in collaboration with our clients.

Take Down Procedure
Despite the procedures we have in place designed to ensure our advertisers’ campaigns appear where our advertisers want them to, if for any reason this is not the case, we have a takedown procedure.

In the event that an ad appears on a website which a client deems inappropriate, clients should contact their Account Director. The campaign will be paused on request from the client whilst the relevant people carry out a full investigation. All take down requests received within UK business hours (Monday-Thursday 9am-5.30pm, Friday 9am-5pm) will be actioned within the same working day, or within the timescales specified in individual terms and conditions, with best endeavours for this to be done immediately. Any take down request falling outside of business hours can be escalated and actioned as per individual client terms and conditions.

The contractual consequences of not taking down an advert in accordance with our Takedown policy are evaluated and agreed with the client on a case by case basis.