We're a team of passionate media specialists using advanced data techniques to deliver desired outcomes for clients. 

It's nice to meet you! 

A little unconventional, but this is Walk-In Media, the 2020 edition.

This year might have put some social distance between us, but our way of working together efficiently and effectively remains. The Walk-In Media family stay connected - as you can see from all of our happy work-from-home faces. 


Unless you are one of the biggest spending global advertisers and are able to extract all of the services you need from a holding company, then there is a good chance that the network agency model, in which key specialisms such as data and performance are highly centralised and reserved for their volume clients, is not working well for you right now.


You might have considered the transparency and service of independent agencies as an alternative, but viewed their lower specialist capabilities as too much of a compromise. That’s why I founded Walk-In Media, and launched it with MSQ Partners- to give all advertisers the clear benefits of an independent agency, but with all the specialist capabilities of the network agencies…and available to advertisers of all sizes with no barriers to entry. 

 You can just Walk-In! 


Neil Collins

Managing Director

Malcolm Boxall

Chief Investment Officer

Carrie Webster

Director of Paid Media

Danny Gazit

Director of Client Services

Marika Hemming

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Head of AV

Bhargav Dave

Paid Search Lead

Michael Gifford-Ross

Head of SEO

Kelly Church

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Head of Planning

Barry Ragunathan

Financial Controller