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  • Emma Bumpstead

What is working in Ad Ops at Walk-In Media like?

Ad Operations (Ad Ops) here at Walk-In Media consists of building digital campaigns for our clients and ensuring they have the relevant tracking across their website. Essentially, users who click our ads are being monitored across their user journey.

The great thing about working in Ad Ops is that every day is different and ever-changing. This is what keeps the motivation levels high as you can continuously learn new things week on week. Within this role, one thing you must keep in mind is to be well organised. Problems that need solving could come in any second and you need to ensure the team are prepared to deal with this alongside their daily duties.

All in a day’s work

A typical day for me always starts with morning checks. This can be anything from reading over new campaign requests on our digital briefing board or checking the data of new pixels that have been implemented on a client’s website - to ensure they are tracking correctly. After morning checks are complete and everything is looking good (hopefully!), it’s time to make sure the team have tasks to work on for the day and answer any questions they may have to move forward. This then allows to me to jump on any client calls that I have in the diary, which could be to do with anything from tag implementation or transition projects to general technical questions they may have on current or upcoming digital campaigns. The afternoons will usually consist of getting my head down and working through the main tasks which could be a campaign build, reporting on our campaign data/on-site tracking, tagging up a site or carrying out pixel audits.


I sit in a department called CrossBow (which is the name of our Programmatic team here at WiM), so will have regular meetings and catch-ups with them, as well as internal daily Ad Ops meetings. This allows us to keep tabs of any new Programmatic activity or to just discuss current live activity and how it’s performing as a whole. We’re lucky enough here at WiM to get involved and pick up a lot of the in-house Programmatic team’s day-to-day tasks such as, DSP campaign set-ups, campaign optimisations, and post campaign analysis – so, it's like working a dual role!

As you can see, Ad Ops is a very dynamic environment that keeps you on your toes. You’ve got to be ready to get hands-on with problem solving and be confident in your technical ability. As pressurised as that may sound, WiM helps a lot on that front. It’s a fantastic place to work and everybody is very close-knit, making it like one big team.

Written by Billy Reavill, Walk-In Media London Office

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