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What does Accessibility and Diversity mean to Walk-in-Media?

Given our industry is built around people, storytelling and creativity, a diverse and inclusive workforce is key to capturing a true reflection of the world. Diversity in the workplace fosters greater creativity, deeper understanding and establishes a great place to work for everyone.


We actively celebrate:

  • Diversity of perspective

  • Diversity of skill

  • Diversity of experience

We understand that working somewhere that’s inclusive of people from different backgrounds and experiences makes a better workplace, and makes for better work.

Our Covent Garden office building is fully wheelchair accessible, with Walk-in-Media all on one floor, accessible via a lift. We also have accessible bathrooms all on the same level. We have everything you might need day-to-day: kitchen, bathroom, private meeting rooms and breakout areas, plus a quiet room. We also have easy lift access to other levels of the building if required. We’d love to show you around when you come to visit.


As a part of MSQ, our team includes representatives of the group’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee. Through the committee, we have an ongoing series of workshops, talks and themed events, including Black History Month and Pride, with other presentations highlighting minority and marginalised groups. This creates greater awareness and understanding throughout the organisation.


We truly want to diversify as a business, which is why we’ve also looked at how we recruit. Our partnership with Visionpath has connected us with socially-diverse school leavers to join our apprenticeship programme who might not get the chance to work in our industry. Through Visionpath’s coaching, this has empowered our managers to give effective training and support to our apprentices. The programme has been instrumental in building an integral group of young colleagues with their own valuable perspectives and experience.


Walk-in Media also independently champions inclusivity for those with neuro-diversity. We have developed a rewarding partnership with Hillingdon Manor School, which provides specialised support for children with autism and their families. This has led to practical Autism Awareness sessions for our teams that gives a better understanding of autism. Because of this relationship, we can provide more valuable support for students with autism coming to us on work experience placements through the school.


Because we are an agency that seeks to hear from diverse voices, we’ve continued to learn and understand these unique perspectives. We continue to evaluate and revisit our policies and guidelines to create an environment where we can all be ourselves, openly and authentically.


We also understand some people may have specific needs to support them in the recruitment process, and you are encouraged to speak freely with us about these.


Add your voice and let’s work together.

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