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Case Study

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City from Below

The Challenge

G.Network is rolling out full fibre broadband across London with a strong customer proposition, yet they have zero unprompted awareness in a highly competitve category.

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The Insight

The consumer journey for fibre is short and predictable - communication to people who can't receive the service is wasted money.

Moving People
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Data Analyst

The Solution

A data-driven strategy and full integration with G.Network's Salesforce platform to inform:

A street-by-street media strategy - a rolling module of activity

Opportunities identified down to individual household level

Highly visible only to consumers / businesses in streets which can connect to G.Network

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The Approach

A 6 stage approach to delivering 100% connectivity for G.Network:

1. Start with the data - customer & location

2. Enrich with 3rd party data

3. Customer segmentation for bullseye audience

4. Channels assigned across the funnel

5. 360 degree measurement back to sale

6. All optimised to a single CPA

Business Plan
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The Result

We exceeded all KPIs for the campaign, delivering an ROI 20 times greater than their previous campaign.

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